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"From This Day Forward ... Your Life Will Never Be The Same"

Hello Friends ...

Welcome to the Buy Black Movement - Colony Tribe ...

Your Timing Could Not Be Better.

Not Only Will you be Watching History In The Making ...

You will be Part Of The Buy Black Movement in America and Worldwide ...

charting a New course toward a new beginning for Black People In America & Worldwide.

Writing the stories your grandchildren Will Talk About ... long after you are gone.

20 Year Economic Recovery & Human Revitalization Plan

after roughly 400 years of Misery, Hopelessness and Struggle ... Black People In America ... And Worldwide ... Can Finally see ... the Proverbial light ... at the end of the tunnel.

Once you've read & studied The Master Plan ... you may just break down in tears of joy ... as I've done several times, over the 1000's of hours developing The Master Plan.

20 Year Economic Recovery & Human Revitalization Plan

My biggest fear in life ... over the past few years ... has been The Fear of dying ... prior to Fulfilling the completion of my life's work ... The Master Plan.

But God Has Been Good to Me ... Cause I'm Still here ... On The Battlefield - For Him : - )

Welcome home Family ... It's been a long time coming ...

Welcome to the Buy Black Movement ...

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We are Diligently working night and day, to Continuously improve the Master plan, the Website and Our Message.

Your feedback Is always welcome ... and more importantly ... encouraged.

We'll Talk Soon ... Now, Let's Get Busy!

Black Gold Dynasty / Buy Black Movement

The Master Plan

20 Year Economic Recovery & Human Revitalization Plan

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Commission Blueprint Formula